Communicate with your customers through premium editorial content

Broad and fast reach on premium publishers

Essens Smart Programmatic lets you reach your customers in a broad way through editorial content they read on premium sites. Within a few minutes, including uploading ad creatives,  you can communicate with your audience using any message you choose.

Reach out to your audience when they show engagement

Traditional audience targeting uses age, gender and other superficial attributes to define who your message will reach. Contextual advertising with Essens Smart Programmatic defines your audience dynamically based on the content they are interested in.

Collaboration is key

Essens Smart Programmatic lets all involved parties for a campaign collaborate seamlessly. You can choose to do everything yourself, or to let the creative guys define the message and the media guys do the optimal placement.

Your Brand is safe with us

Essens Smart Programmatic only offer premium publishers. Contributing to keeping your brand safe are sensitivity filters, where you can exclude even further in a few clicks.

Transparency is the standard

Part of our product offering is full transparency on what you get and what is the cost of each campaign. This is reflected in performance and cost number drill down in the platform and on the invoice.

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