The future friendly adtech company

Since 2000 Essens has provided future and user friendly services in text processing and search. Every day we use our technology competency, industry know-how and  industry relation to publishers and advertisers to offer and develop new and innovative easy-to-use services for the benefits of our customers and consumers.

Our ambition is to make our products so easy to use that you do not need to be a technology or marketing specialist to use them, and to contribute to make internet advertising loved again by the consumers.


Company highlights:

2000 Offer media insight services and analysis for brands.

2006 Single vendor of the web search for the Norwegian parliament.

2012 Essens Smart Ads launch on Schibsted and Aller in Norway as a supplier to the publishers. The platform lets advertiser communicate contextually by matching their web content to the editorial articles of the publishers through auto generating and placing thousands of creatives.

2015 Starting development of Essens Smart Programmatic. Focus is to service the buyer side directly across publishers. Substantial input captured from a focus group of six independent and national affiliates of global media agencies.

2017 Q1 Essens Smart Programmatic launch in the Norwegian market on Schibsted first. The platform lets advertisers communicate contextually with their audiences on their terms in minutes. Read more in the product section.

2017 Q2 Polaris media is added to the portfolio.

2017 Q4 Aller, Nettavisen and Amedia is added to the portfolio. Professional clients report that "contextual is Essens" and "Essens is the best engagement platform we have".

2018 Q2 Essens Smart Programmatic launches in the Swedish Market.

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